A speciality in hospitality

The specialty of ICD-SITRA, based on the extensive experience of the members of its Board of Directors, is the comprehensive planning and construction of hotels and tourism property developments employing the 'turnkey' modality.

With a well-designed and tested work methodology, ICD-SITRA participates in the development of hospitality projects, becoming involved in all necessary areas: the location and acquisition of ideal sites, feasibility, environmental and legal studies; obtaining necessary financing for projects, architectural design, engineering calculus, construction and equipping of the developments, in order to deliver 'turnkey' products of unbeatable quality.
The ideal site

The success of a hotel, resort or vacation real estate development starts with the proper selection of the site where it will be built.

In terms of the location and characteristics of the properties, ICD-SITRA has identified the best sites at the main tourist destinations, as it is the result of its exhaustive analysis of their physical, legal, land zoning, title ownership and other characteristics.

Studies are the foundation of success

In terms of feasibility studies, ICD-SITRA has the staff and technology required in order to carry out all the necessary studies and to lay a firm foundation for success.

Likewise, the company has the databases and market studies for the most important tourist destinations, so it is able to professionally evaluate and assess a project's feasibility and, most importantly, it has the experience not only in the preparation of the studies but especially in their comprehensive execution.
Financing; the key point

A key point for any development is the financing which will make it possible.

ICD-SITRA offers support in order to obtain financing, credits and venture capital.

For said purpose, the company has close relations with financial institutions and investors, as well as experienced staff to prepare the investment projects, financial studies and corresponding documentation in order to obtain the funds necessary for the project.

The magic of design

When it comes to architectural and engineering design, our company has developed a fruitful alliance with the most important architecture firms in Mexico and south USA for the design of hotel and tourist developments.

Our portfolio includes projects in the majority of Mexican tourist destinations, the Caribbean and Central America.

ICD-SITRA also has its own engineering department, with the experience, capacity and technology required for the design of hotels, resorts and real estate developments in tourist destinations which adequately balance the requirements of users, costs and the environment.

Due to our knowledge of the hotel and real estate markets, our designs and engineering not only employ the latest techniques and necessary aesthetics, but also include innovations and state-of-the-art concepts which effectively respond to market expectations.
Building dreams

All of man's works are materialized dreams.

An imagined entity which becomes real and tangible through the action of work.

In the construction area, the members of the ICD-SITRA staff have extensive experience in construction in order to make these dreams possible.

We have a reputation for delivering the work entrusted to us in a timely manner, in accordance with projected costs and, most importantly, with the expected QUALITY.

ICD-SITRA has commercial relations with the main suppliers in the country and abroad, which allows us to be highly competitive in costs in the specialized area of hospitality development construction.

For the equipping of hotels and resorts with have close relations with specialized suppliers which permit us not only to obtain competitive acquisition prices, but our knowledge of materials and equipment allows us to control the quality of the items acquire: fabrics, towels, sheets, etc.

In order to achieve an appropriate balance between cost, quality and the aesthetics of the furnishings and equipment.

Work methodology

ICD-SITRA's operating system is totally automated and technified, which allows for maximum control and precision in all areas.

In the event that we take our client projects from mere conceptual ideas we start from architectural and engineering designs, in order to begin with precision and quality to obtain products of international quality.

When our services are engaged, we develop a network of activities to determine a critical path which, assisted by our technological systems, allows us to determine the completion times, the timeframe for the supply of materials and the start time for the different activities in order to adequately plan purchasing logistics, as well as the complete general planning.

One way to describe the work that we do is: Specialized and comprehensive service in quality hospitality projects executed with precision and below market costs.